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6.3 min
Dian talks about her love for Egyptology, about the work in Walters Museum in Baltimore and collabroration with Regine Schulz and Matthias Seidel.
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8.6 min
Dian had a rich and challenging life. She talks about the importance of sociological changes brought by the people who belived in them and fought for them.
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2.8 min
Dian loved helping her students and helping to shape their lives. That was her mission in life. She recalls two students who started loving opera thanks to her.
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7.9 min
Dian talks about her doctorate and her career as a researcher and a university teacher. Moreover, she speaks about her students and new approaches to studying that she introduced.
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2.1 min
Dian talks about and interesting experience in Turkey. She lost a purse with all her documents and money but, as she did once in New York, she found it intact.
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6.2 min
After graduation Dian, just as many of her colleagues did, moved to New York. It was an exciting period and she enjoyed it. She tells a story of the purse that she lost and, as incredible as it sounds, found in...
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