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Documentation services and content generation

Thematic Paths.

The songs and dances from Puglia, the sicilian zolfatare, occitan traditions, the gondoliers in Venice,....Stories and anectodes from those who lived them and preserve collective memory. Movies made by a professional troupe and highlighted in a special section of the site.

History of companies.

How was the life when a bank account was managed without a computer, or manufacturing a car without robots? The history of companies told by former employees in a mosaic of experiences open to contributions from new users in Web 2.0 sytle

History of Organizations.

Foundations, Institutions, Associations, Unions, Sports Clubs: each one of these groups has a story to tell through a dedicated online showcase, the creation of a core group of content and users contributions.

Tour concept and design.

The best way to collect the memory rooted in the territory, meeting the players, bringing the stories online. Involvement of young people in training sessions and through online contests.


Training 2.0.

Rather than creating the content yourself, why don't you train a group of people who can continue to generate their own contents? Courses of basic shooting technique, video editing, format conversion and back office management.


The aim of the project is to rebuild the dialogue between generations. Young people like receptors of elderly memories. A full program of teacher training, to aid in training and performance management.

Elderly Residences(RSA).

Auto-biography as a therapeutical value. Interviews are used to empower self-esteem of people who too often feel themselves isolated and no appreciated. New stories are recollected through the interview process.

Technical Area

Digitization on the Web.

Interactively totem.

Collection points and distribution of memories in video format. The use of simplified tools helps to cover the gap related on the difficult relationship that usually exists between seniors and technology. Automatic upload of recordings on the website in the appropriate sections.