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History Channel: the channel and web content.

Broadcast of Memoro videos on Sky channel since April 2009, with the Memoro logo and web address highlighted. Each video has the caption "History Channel supports the Bank of Memories, support it too. "

Einaudi: "I remember" book + DVD.

Volume with contributions from Einaudi's historical authors and story by the creators of the Bank of Memories project. DVD containing video of the Bank of Memories. Free Style Collection.

Piemonte Region: Book Fair 2009/2010 and paths "The Memory of the Future" .

Construction of 35 interviews with leading exponents of the science of Turin and Piedmont at ESOF 2010. Development Section's web.

Turin Municipality: Urban Ecomuseums project

Collection of memories of boundaries of the City. Implementation section dedicated web. Final event and press conference late June 2009.

Rome Province - Bank of Memories.

Construction of 12 demo interviews, organizing and conducting of 8 training courses shooting and editing in technical schools in the province. Training of more than 100 children. Dedicated section on the site.

Venice Civic Museums Foundation

Construction of a Museum of the City online, to collect the memories of the Venetians. Collaboration with IVESER the Centre for Jewish Studies, the Pasinetti Video Contest, the House of Cinema and Crossroads of Civilizations.

Enel: project "There was a Volt".

Integrated project of collecting memories on energy. Crew on tour in Italy for 45 days and construction of site specific, More than 500 videos made. Event to present the results expected in 2011. .

Birra Peroni S.p.A: Memories from the plant in Bari.

Collection of memories of former employees, distributors, retailers. Hotline management for interviews booking. Buiding of a dedicated online section. DVD production for offline view.

Secom co., LTD: Interviews.

Creation of a core group of professional interviews with former employees. Released on the same site Secom. Management infrastructure needed to display Japanese with hosting.

Oxford Brookes University:Cinema in Italy.

Realization on behalf of the Department of sweat on Film 30 interviews designed to understand better the relationship between cinema and viewers in Italy in the '40s and '50s. Conduct interviews and prepare scripts.

Associació d'Escriptors en Llengua Catalana (AELC): Interviews and section.

Construction of a section in which they hosted the video portraits of the most important writers in Catalan over 70. Infrastructure for display on the site AELC.

Italian Historic Automotoclub (ASI): Making interviews .

Conception, selection and contact of interviewees, question preparation and content editing in order to obtain a path relative to the protagonists of Italian motoring history.