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George speaks about the cruelty of the Croatian clergy and military during the Second World War and his positive experiences with the Italians.
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George describes his travel to America and his career as a chemical engineer.
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Escaping the Holocaust George found himself in Switzerland. He crossed the border with Italy illegaly and was put to a labour camp. In Switzerland he found his old professor who helped him finish his chemistry ...
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5.3 min
After the Germans occupied the Northern Italy in September 1943, George escaped to Switzerland. He describes the escape and expresses immense gratitude to the Italian people who showed him kindness and understa...
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In 1941 George escaped from Zagreb, the capital of The Independent State of Croatia which was a puppet state of Nazi Germany, to Split in Dalmatia. At the time Dalmatia was annexed by Italy where George, even t...
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The Barge Club was an interesting club in Jersey where Jack used to sing. His owner made it out of an old barge and included one special effect!
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