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3.7 min
In military Michael had a sergeant who thought all Jews had to have money. When Michael couldn't borrow him the money he started to take it out on him and the only other Jew in the camp. Fortunately for them, t...
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6.0 min
Michael tells three stories from his police days, each one happened during arrests.
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3.5 min
Michael worked as an undercover policeman in a radical left organsiation. In another occasion he was assigned to protect the leader of the Ku Klux Klan, a job he couldn't go through with and had to quit after a...
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3.5 min
Being a wife or a mother of a soldier is very hard: Michael recalls when a prostitute he helped put in prison took revenge on him in front of his wife and when for different reasons his family taught he was dea...
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5.3 min
When he was working in a warrant squad, Michael found himself in the middle of an absurd story with a prisoner who was constantly trying to escape.
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6.5 min
Michael talks about job options after the military service. He became deputy sheriff and then assistant criminal investigator in the narcotics where he often worked undercover.
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