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I'm a LIFESTORY DESIGNER. I create beautiful visual stories w/photos, videos, music & words. After spending many years in the healthcare and Internet Marketing industries, I decided to follow my passion of Digital Collage Artistry. I then became interested in video production and publishing PhotoBooks. Combining the three has resulted in a fun, exciting and memorable business. As a LifeStory Designer, I take your pictures, create a story with your pictures, add your content and walla! I'm always helping in the decision of which memories to capture in a Collage of pictures. Usually people believe creating a LifeStory is a real hassle. They enjoy my help in the selection/theme/story content.

Now I've joined with a Custom Framer, Photographer and Writer to design some pretty incredible life stories. These talented Artists each have their own business. We work together to design custom LifeStory Creations using YOUR pictures, personal stories and treasured items. We know everyone has a story to tell. I begin by recording your Personal Life Stories during 15-40 minute interviews. They are then transferred to an audio/video CD/DVD. We then design a LifeStory Book with Photos, and/or a LifeStory Collage with custom framing; LifeStory Inspirational & Motivational Art and/or a Celebrations of Life Shadow Box. Similar to a Living Will, we also have a LifeStory Writer to design your Spiritual Legacy. With our LifeStory Photographer we can even capture your special moments.
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Just as much as the stories that you’ve told are part of your life and add the all important personal aspect, the things of your life add an extra layer that tells more of the story than just your memories. A ...
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