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Tibet Oral History Project
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The Tibet Oral History Project films the oral histories of the oldest surviving Tibetan refugees in order to document, preserve and disseminate the culture, language and history of the Tibetan people. The elders’ eyewitness accounts will ensure that the wisdom culture and true history of Tibet will not be erased by an occupying force, but will instead be preserved for generations to come. Please visit our website www.TibetOralHistory.org.
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The preservation of the Buddhist dharma is critical for world happiness and peace.
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Describes attempt to protect Dalai Lama’s Potala Palace from attack by Chinese army.
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Describes denial of religious practice and lack of food during false imprisonment under Chinese occupation.
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Describes types of flowers and wild animals found in his region of Tibet.
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Describes arrest and public torture of her aunt simply because she was a Buddhist nun.
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Describes difficult journey to avoid Chinese persecution and escape to India.
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