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Memoro - the Bank of Memories is a "non profit" project dedicated to the collection of the experience and life stories of people born before 1950. The format is audio or video clips of a few minutes.
This process is not an end in itself, but the structural free distribution of the collected contents. The chosen media is the Web, in particular a site for the collection and use of audio video content.
5.7 min
Antonio faught the WWII with 2nd Ranger Battalion. After the wart was over he wanted to continue to work in show business but it was impossible so he applyed for a job in fire department.
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4.1 min
Antonio was working in California and had to go back home to Plymouth. He found an add offering a free transport for someone willing to drive a car to Boston. Antonio didn't know that he was supposed to drive a...
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4.2 min
The night before the D-Day one incident demoralized completley the soldiers in Antonios battalion. Thanks to it they found out that there are many talented people among them...
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5.1 min
During the WWII Antonio prepared plays for the soldierds in the field. He describes a comic show called "Harry goes home" he invented and played in Pilsen, Czechoslovakia.
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4.8 min
Before the Normandy landings Antonio's battalion was situated in England for training and lived with the local famililes. In this clip Antonio speaks about two training episodes. During one of them he risked ki...
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4.3 min
When 2nd Ranger Battalion was training in England, the soldiers were housed by the local families in the small town Bude. Antonio's host was a kind woman who took care of him, but that could of changed easily o...
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