Memoro-the Bank of Memories want to be a project able to generate cutural and economic wealth.
This value will not to be accumulated but distributed: the cultural wealth trough the free availability of online video interviews, the economic wealth, instead, used to pay the work of people involved, to create local initiatives and to support the growth of the international project.

Since the launch of the site on June 2008, more than 3.500.000 videos have been shown, equal to more than 33 years 11 months 10 days of transferred memory .
We believe that these are important values, a real and everyday activity dedicated to handing down history, knowledge and culture.

The loading and vision of contents and, more generally, all website functions, are and will always be free.
This is possible thanks to your help: Memoro - The Bank of Memories survives thanks to the generosity of people like you, who believe in the importance of this initiative.

If you think that Memoro - the Bank of Memories is a project that deserves your support, we hope you will decide to help us now.

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Account in the name of Banca della Memoria ONLUS
Via Gualderia 7 - 10023 Chieri - TO - Italy
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To make a donation by credit card is not required to register with PayPal.

Any help is appreciated, however, please consider that micro donations are mostly a deal for PayPal (if you donate 1 we get 62 cents, if you donate 50 cents we get 13).