Personal Area


In these pages you can modify your profile data, upload stories, photos, create paths and add news. If you need more info about the meaning of Memory Hunter please go to Memory Hunters Help.


In this section you can manage your profile data and upload stories.

Personal Details Area

In this area you can change the informations given during the registration
  • Picture: this is the profile picture. It will be used in your Public Area and in comments made to videos or photos. To change the picture just click on the link "Change your picture" and select a new one. Click on "Save Changes". In order to be properly displayed pictures must have a 4:3 Ratio
  • Email: This is the mail address used by the sistem to indentify a user This will be the recipient for newsletters (if subscribed) and for all the notification regarding stories and photos uploaded by the user.
  • Displayed Name: this is the name shown within the system and the Memory Hunter's official name.
  • Year of Birth: The year of birth of the user
  • Gender: Indicates the gender of the user
  • Newsletter: Indicates whether the user wants to recieve the newsletter
To confirm changes you need to click on "Save Changes".

Stories Upload
This is the area where you may upload or register a story. Click on "Submit a new story" to access the upload page. Here you'll have to enter all the metadata of the video:
  • Choose format: Audio or Video
  • Enter a title for the story
  • Enter a short description
  • Select a category that can summarize the content of the story
  • Select a subcategory that can better describe the content of the story
  • Enter tags, 5 to 10 keywords, separated by comma
  • Place: If the story is about a particular geographic place
In the right section of the page you'll need to enter biographical infos about the witness. Unlike other video sharing systems, our project is all about giving the right value to the subject who tell a story. Every story must always be associated with a witness profile. In this section you can:
  1. Select a witness among those already registered
  2. Insert data from a new witness
In particular, if you insert data from a new witness is necessary to fill the following fields:
  • Name
  • Country of residence
  • State of residence
  • County of residence
  • City of residence
  • Date of birth
The residence data are needed to let all the stories from a witness be properly shown in the "Places" section

At the bottom of the page you must select the audio or video file you want to upload. Click on "Select files" and choose the file to upload from your computer. All audio and video formats are accepted(.flv .mov. avi. mpeg. .mp3 .wav. aif,).
Before uploading the file you'll have to upload the terms of use and privacy. By clicking on "submit story" file upload will start and a bar will show you the progress

A webcam registration tool is also available to let you register stories using the webcam installed on your computer. By clicking on the "Webcam Registering" button you'll be redirected to a page similar to "Upload a new story" one, where you can enter the same metadata for video and witness, as described above.
At the bottom of the page, you'll find a box. To enable the webcam you must click on the "allow" button in the window above the black rectangle.
When you are ready to register you can click on the "rec" button to start recording.


In this folder you can:
  • Create a new path
  • Associate a story to an existing path
  • View the details of an existing path to change any of the data
Create a new path
A path is a playlist of stories about a common subject. Required fields:
  • Title
  • Description
  • Path Picture. In order to be properly displayed the picture must have a 16:9 ratio
After creating a new path you'll be redirected to the previous page where you may add videos to the path

This function allows you to search a single story and add it to the path, You may also search for a witness.

here you can see and edit all the details of the path. Here you can:
  • Add a new story
  • remove a story
  • change the title, description and picture of the path by clicking "edit"


In this section is possible to upload photos and associate them to a story.

Upload a new photo
By clicking the "Upload a new photo" you can select the file from your computer. Click on "Select File" and then click "Save."

The association features allow to associate the photo to a story or to a witness. Select from the drop-down list if you want to search for a story or a witness
  • "Link to story" allows you to associate the photo to the single story
  • Associates to witness " allows to associate the photo to a witness
Allows you to delete the photo and all its associations


In the News section you can create new post that will be available in the Memory Hunter's Public Area.
Using the Delete function, you can delete a post


This page shows all the stories selected as favorites.