Memory Hunters


The new version of Memoro (2.0) wants to focus on all users who wish to participate actively in the collection of memories and stories.
When a registered user uploads a story in audio or video format, they becomes a Memory Hunter. The same thing happens, if, after the registration, they create a path.
Memory Hunters are registered users that have:
  • Created at least one path
  • Uploaded a story in video or audio format
Each Memory Hunter can access their Personal Area on the Memoro website where they may manage:
  • Audio and video stories
  • Paths
  • Witnesses
  • Photos
  • News

Memory Hunter Public Profile

Memory Hunter Public Profile is the place were all stories, witnesses, photos, paths and news can are stored. You can find information about how to manage them at Personal Area Help .

Memory Hunter Public Profile
This is the Memory Hunter page as it will be seen by other users: on the top left the profile picture picture, on the right, the profile description. Just under the photo a box are statistics about the Hunter activity:
  • The number of stories uploaded
  • The number of paths created
  • The number of witnesses interviewed
  • The number of photos uploaded
  • The score of the Memory Hunter
Memory Hunter's score
Each Memory Hunter's activity generates a score and increase the level of the Hunter. There are 4 levels:
  • APPRENTICE (4 to 20 points)
  • RESEARCHER (20 to 40 points)
  • MASTER (40 to 200 points)
  • PALADIN (more than 200 points)
The activities that generate points are the following:
  • Upload a video or audio story : 10 points
  • Upload and association of a photo to a story : 5 points
  • Creation of a path : 4 points
In this folder all the stories uploaded by the Hunter in audio or video format are collected. More information about how to upload a story is available at Persona Area Help
This folder contains all paths created by the Hunter. Paths can be created with videos uploded by the Hunter or by other users. More information about how to create paths is available at Personal Area Help
This folder contains all Witnesses, which are the subjects talking in the interviews. Unlike other video sharing systems, our project is all about giving the right value to the subject who tell a story, creating a dedicated profile for each witness
This folder contains all the images uploaded by the Memory Hunter which have been associated with a story. Photos, do not necessarily have to be witness related. They are imagined as a descriptive element of a story. It is therefore possible, for example, to listen to a story about a particular place while at the same time looking at a related photo.
More infos about loading and associating photos are available at Personal Area Help.
This folder contains all the news posted by the Memory Hunter. This feature is designed for all those Memory Hunters who want to communicate their activities or upcoming events about their current project. News stories are displayed in a top right box on the Public Area page.