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Hello every one
I am 75 old, my name is Antonello Cini. I live in Monteroni d’Arbia is a little city near Siena. I have lived here since the the 2th Agust 1980. I like to do gardening and to play computer and the study too.
I am a student of communication science at the University’s Siena. I am doing a stage about a site called . Now I am stydying antropology at the Siena Univercity.
Every old people have some memories, only by new technology it is possible to join these in a local story. Every one, especially the young, can see how people used to live more than 50 years ago, and what the old people are doing now.
Now I am thanking my skilful tutor Miss Valentina and all banca della memoria’ staff and my professor Mister Antonio Rizzo. Finally Pubblica Assistenza Val d'Arbia wich have guested me. All these people, together a single person interviewd, let me go to this target.
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