A family spread contemporaneously in 3 continents: Africa, Europe and USA (part III)

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Donato Guadagnoli tells how his mother left for USA in june 1956 on the Cristoforo Colombo, not being able to speak a single english word. For the following 6 months the Guadagnoli's was a family literally spread through 3 continents: Africa (the father), Europe (the children) and USA (the mother).On december 28 her children reached her on the Saturnia boat. Only the father was till far in Africa, proud as he was he refused to join them because he didn't have anything, no money at all. At the end his wife decided to send an airplane ticket to him. So finally the father could join all of them in winter 1961. All his children were so happy to finally know their own father. At first they hugged him, cried tears of joy, later Donato and his sister, alone, asked: "who is he?". They obviously wanted him, but they didn't even know him...
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